The laboratory aims to:

  • Reinvesting the means of communication on a larger sector for the establishment of the politeness of dialogue, and clarify the concepts of each nation and all that is to contribute in peaceful co-operation and humanitarian cooperation.
  • Strengthen cooperation and coordination between universities and scientific institutions in the North and South in order to build dialogue and communication bridges between teachers, researchers, intellectuals, thinkers, journalists and other sectors of the Society as well as to intensify the publication of studies, publications and translations concerned by dialogue and mutual understanding on the basis of scientific objectivity and ideological honesty arriving at a foundation of harmony and common understanding.
  • Strengthen cooperation in scientific institutions and universities in the Islamic world in the field of dialogue between religions, cultures and civilizations, working on more openness to civil society institutions and update research and study for Responding to the problems of society and its changes, meet the real needs in the areas of knowledge and scientific research.