Doctoral students

Philosophy students

Name & first Name of the doctoral student
01Massoudi HishamSufism and interreligious dialogue at Roger Garaudy
02Kedider MalikaProblematic  of happiness in the Sufi discourse at Al-Ghazali and Ibn Arabi
03Boulares JabbariReading the legacy of Hocine Marwa: Sufi speech
04Sahebat MalikaPoetic Thought and the End of Metaphysics: An Ontological Approach to the Essence of Thought
05Ayat FayzaInterpretation of artistic effects in contemporary thought  at Martin Heidegger’s work
06Ben Arousa NaïmaPoetry and the question of existence in contemporary Arab thought with Adonis
07Werda  AbaidellahQuestion of religion in analytical philosophy  at  Bertrand Russell
08Merin AhmedThe Philosophical Perception of the Language of the Novel: An Analytical Reading of the Philosophical Scene at  Naguib Mahfoud
09Bouchefa MiloudThe language and interpretation of the religious text in contemporary Islamic discourse at  Muhammad Shahrour and Muhammad Arkoun